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Lab Work

Many individuals are unable to leave the home for blood work. Whether it be routine labs or a TB test to move into a facility, I am able to help.  Once the doctor puts an order in at the lab for your recommended tests, I will come to you, collect the sample and courier it to the lab. 

Examples of labs able to collect:

  • Venous Blood Labs

  • Covid Testing

  • Wound Cultures

  • Urine and Stool Samples

  • Throat cultures such as Strep or Whooping cough


Carlen J.

"She did a wonderful job. It took the hospital 23 tries and my arm was covered in bruises. Caroline got blood right away with only a tiny bruise the next day."

Morgan James, NY

"A great testimonial can boost your brand’s image. Click to edit and add your own."

Linda L.

“Caroline did a great job with my old veins. She got me in one stick and made me feel comfortable the entire time. I'd recommend her to anyone”


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Organizing Test Tubes


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